The Rubber Egg

I know that I’ve done a lot of recipes because, well, I like food and I like to cook so naturally that’s what I gravitate to.  But this blog is supposed to be about more than just that.  I want to try anything that catches my eye and looks cool.  This is one that I’ve been wanted to try for a while and I’m not sure why I put it off so long because it is very simple and you only need a couple of things to do it.  A bowl, an egg, and some white vinegar.  You can hard boil the egg first, which is a little less messy (believe me). 

Put the egg in the bowl and cover it with vinegar.



It’s going to take a couple of days for the vinegar to work it’s magic but you will be able to see it as it happens.

This is 24 hours.



This is 48 hours.



After the 48 hours, I took the egg out of the vinegar and rinsed it off.  And I had a rubber egg (sort of). 



If you gently squeeze it, it feels like rubber.  It will even bounce if you drop it a few inches above the counter! However, only attempt to pinch it if you’ve hard boiled it first, which I didn’t, and mine busted all over the counter top. 🙂  

My kids did this one with me and they thought it was really cool.  You also get to teach them a few things about science.  From my research online, this is how it works.  The egg shell is made up of calcium carbonate.  The vinegar is an acetic acid.  When these two are combines a chemical reaction happens and gas is released. The gas is carbon dioxide, which you can see is the bubbles floating in the vinegar. The chemical reaction keeps up until all of the carbon in the egg is used up. Now, I didn’t get to do this with mine because it popped, but if your egg was hard boiled and you leave the egg sitting on the counter for about another day, it will get hard! Why? Because it absorbs the carbon dioxide in the air.  If it was still a raw egg, you can put it into a bowl with water and it will absorb the water and swell up until it bursts.  

This experiment reminded me how much I used to like science in school.  Isn’t science amazing?!?