Dye Hair with Food Coloring

My daughter is almost 12 years old.  She is just beginning to get interested in things like make-up and clothes.  She has been begging me for months to dye her hair pink and I can’t bring myself to let her do an all over semi-permanent dye job.  So I did some research online and this is our first experiment.

To do this you need foil, food coloring, hair gel or white/clear shampoo/conditioner, an old toothbrush, and a shirt you don’t mind ruining.



Mix a glob (that’s a technical term) of gel with food coloring to get the color you want.  We were trying for purple. Using the foil and toothbrush, brush the dye onto the hair kind of like they do in a salon with highlights.  We just went for the bottom few inches of her hair.



Fold the foil up and over so that it stays in the hair and covers the dye.



We left hers in for about 3 hours.  It was our first time and we wanted to see how it worked.  You can leave it in longer (even overnight) if you want a deeper color. Remove the foil from the hair and rinse our the dye. No shampoo!

Hers turned more pink than purple but we got the result we were looking for.  




This stayed in until she shampooed her hair.  I’m sure if you get a deeper color it will stay longer. We both got what we wanted.  She got pink hair and I was happy that it washed out quickly 😉


One thought on “Dye Hair with Food Coloring

  1. Haha that’s pretty cute! It doesn’t seem like an intense food coloring, judging by the looks of its packing so maybe if we use a concentrated form of it, it would show up more? I want to try it as well.

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