Blackhead Remover

I’m embarrassed to say it, but I a plagued with bad skin.  The only time it’s sort-of good is when I’m pregnant.  I live on a budget and can’t afford the high priced face creams and magical potions.  So, whenever I see an at-home tip I try it to see if it works  I recently saw a Pin that shows you how to make at home blackhead removal strips, like the Biore ones you can buy for a small fortune in the store.  Okay, maybe not a fortune, but anything over $5 and I usually pass.  This one is cheap and fairly easy to do. And although I’m not quite brave enough to show you the close-up pictures of my skin (cause they are gross!), I am including pictures of the process.

All you need is an egg, a bowl, and a tissue.  I also read you can try toilet paper.


Separate the egg, so that you have only the whites.  If you aren’t sure how to separate the egg: crack the egg in half and juggle the yolk between the two halves over the bowl.  The whites will easily fall into the bowl.  Then do whatever you want with the yolk. Scramble it, use it in your hair (which I do NOT recommend unless you want stinky egg hair. I’ve tried it.), or just toss it.  Tear the tissue into small pieces.  I don’t think I put mine into small enough pieces.  It was kind of awkward to put them on in big chunks. Make sure you have the strips torn up before you put the egg white on your face.  After you have the tissue torn up, put a layer of the egg white all over your face, or if you just want to do a problem area just put it there.  Stick the tissue onto the egg white.  Then put another layer of egg white over the tissue. I think the spots that worked best was where the tissue was almost translucent on my skin.  Avoid the area under your eyes.  I got a little under one of my eyes and It kind of hurts when you pull the hardened tissue off of this area.   Here’s a picture of me with the wet tissue on my face.


Now you need to wait for it to completely harden.  It took this opportunity to blow dry my hair.  It took about 15-20 minutes for it to get hard.


It looks kind of funny and my kids were weirded out by it but, hey, all in the name of beauty, right?

So now you pull the hardened tissue off in an upward direction and viola! You should have beautiful blackhead free skin, right?!? WRONG!  This one didn’t work out so well for me.  While it did pull some out, it didn’t work anywhere as near as well as the Biore strips.  I’m thinking if I had done something to loosen the blackheads first it might have worked better. Like maybe holding my face over some steam, or I tried another blackhead removal idea last week that kind of brought them to the surface but didn’t remove them.  (This consisted of mixing 1/2 cup of milk with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and making a paste.Putting in on my face and then rinsing off with warm water).  So this one will go in the MISS file until I decided to try it again with more preparation first.  Below is a picture of the strip from my chin.



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